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people gonna put me on the cross for this but

not enjoying Anna Karenina

I am enjoying this Flannery O’Connor tho damn

Cops React to the Death of Eric Garner

this is really depressing and stupid. 

Anytime a person says “I’m tired of it. It stops today.” That will almost always end with the use of force. He made that decision, not the Police. The Police must effect the arrest and rise above any resistance. That resistance or lack of resistance is determined by the suspect. This was a huge man and it appears to me they used minimal force. Sometimes people with pre-existing conditions die when they exert themselves. There are Police Officers that have heart attacks and die every year during physical altercations with subjects. You will not see main stream media featuring those in their headlines. This is nothing more than petty blame shifting and fuel for extremist with an agenda. “

I have a migraine that feels like a thunderclap in between my eyes god damn

there’s one type of person I completely respect and understand but will never be able to connect with on a fundamental level:

the type of person that sees their personality and reactions to things in stasis, the type who functions with a linear, direct consciousness, unwilling to, or just not sitting down with themselves or prioritizing that

the type of person that diagnoses emotions and feelings but doesn’t decompress them or explore them. the type of person that holds onto conclusions born under discrete circumstances even when those circumstances are no longer present

the type of person that is incapable or unwilling to see other people as complicated aggregates. the type of person who prioritizes pleasure, even in the long term

the type of people who deliberately reject or deny themselves wellness/ what they know is important, despite it being difficult, to like, idk, further wade in their current reservations or something?

Luxury New York Condo Will Have A 'Poor Door' For Lower-Income Residents