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doflamingo gave Luffy the fucking hands

philanthropic false advertising

I literally just learned in a class how to exploit the OSSL Heartbleed extension

I really wonder whether people in similar socio economic situations as mine have the courage to study / do something that doesn’t have a good payout, because if so, I can start a nice, long process of dull self loathing

Saying “have to” communicates victimhood. your brain simultaneously tackles two conflicts: providing energy for an oncoming task and providing energy to resist threats to self integrity.

so it looks like I’m machine learning and neuroscience double with a minor in modern Buddhist studies

I was 3 cm away from getting my ass beat tonight cuz I watched a crack deal go down at a train station and I couldn’t stop myself from saying “man you shouldn’t do that.” These dudes looked me in the eye and said “what the fuck you say” and I shit my pants on the spot. I didn’t even reply I just stared back and instinctively I wanted to run but you know how sometimes you just wanna see what will happen? I stayed put and one of the dudes just kept staring and started walking towards me and I tried to hold face but then he said “get the fuck off this block right now” so I just got the fuck out of there.

I could smell his fucking hormones yo. Sometimes people like to be intimidating but this dude was geared. I was about to be his ball of yarn I swear to god and this is in Mt. Vernon so I’m getting yuked

this is why sleep is so important. I wouldn’t have said shit if I didn’t have that no sleep no inhibition bullshit